Make Your Lawn Beautiful This Summer

by Marco Schoenrock LLC 04/28/2019

If you have ever looked around your neighborhood and thought that this could be the year you have the lawn that all of the neighbors envy, you’re in luck. The spring season is the perfect time of year to start cultivating the perfect lawn. All you need is a plan in place and the grass will really be greener on the other side of the fence- your side! 

First, you need to understand what’s the actual problem with your lawn. Do you suffer from bare spots on the lawn? Are there many weeds around, making the lawn appear unsightly? Is fungus present on the lawn? Then, see how big of a problem each of these issues are if you see them. How much time do you have to devote to getting the lawn ready and maintaining it? When you determine all of these things, you can start the first steps of your plan. 

First, you’ll need to aerate the lawn, which helps to open up the compact soil. You can do this with a rake or power rake. Next, even out the terrain as needed throughout the aerating process. Depending on the extent of the unevenness of the terrain itself, you may need to hire a professional. Then, you’ll need to reseed the lawn. Be sure that you choose a grass seed that is appropriate for the climate you’re in as well as the sun and shade conditions of your property. Finally, your new lawn seed will need to be watered every day with a significant amount of water at first. This will help the grass grow quickly and evenly. Try to aim for about one and a half inches of water per week. Water your lawn early in the morning if you can for the maximum benefit to watering.  

Once your new lawn is in place, make prevention a top priority. You’ll want to be vigilant about preventing and getting rid of weeds. If you learn how to identify the weeds, that’s half of the battle. You can find weed guides online or even get a gardening book that will help you to learn more about what and how to get rid of weeds. 

Use commercial weed killers or create your own natural weed killer, depending on your preference. To create a natural weed killer all you need is vinegar, salt, soap, and water. Vinegar is pretty powerful in its ability to ward off weeds, so if you're looking for a natural route, you may want to give it a try. 

By starting a lawn off right in this way, you’ll be able to see improvement. Don’t stress if your lawn doesn't look perfect in the very first season. It could take some time for your lawn to reach its full potential. Remember if you’re in a drought-prone area, you’ll want to avoid any harsh pesticides, as they will only make the lawn conditions worse.

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