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"Marco Schoenrock is Quick to respond, thorough. He communicates by email as requested. Others insisted on phone calls. With Marco, we have a file of details rather than a collection of conversations. We have learned in exploring Florida real estate with other realtors who insisted on phone calls that we typically resulted in confusion, and inaccurate efforts to find us property that matched our requirements; i.e. wasted a LOT of our valuable time. When we buy, Marco will be our representative. Thanks for asking."
"Mr. Schoenrock is an excellent and qualified real estate agent. He has an incredible attention to detail and is extremely kind and personable. He is a pleasure to work with. He is a good listener, easy to talk to, easy contact, and always prompt at returning our calls and answering our questions. His efforts and dedication exceeded our expectations. We would recommend him to anybody looking to buy or sell."